US Mobile Redirect Traffic starting $0.50 per 1000 visitors

If you want to get more business for your online website then you need to advertise. When your target consumers are based in US and you are looking for an effective advertising solution then you can buy US mobile redirect traffic packages starting at $0.50 per 1000 visitors. This means that your ad is promoted to US based users through mobile ads and you have to pay only $0.50 for every 1000 visitors that you receive through the ad.  When you buy US mobile redirect traffic then your business is promoted through mobile ads. These ads are promoted on the […]

iOS or Android, which is more popular among people in US ?

Nowadays, everyone uses a smart phone or an android phone in USA. It is very useful as it helps you to stay connected with your friend and family and gives you access to the internet from anywhere. The debate is which is more popular- iOS or the Android? The fact is that both iOS and android phones are equally popular with the users. So if you are planning to direct your ad campaign at mobile users then instead of focusing on just one group, you should plan a campaign that is directed at both these groups. This helps you to […]

US Android – 20k visitors per day

Country US Freq capping 1/24 Impressions 20k 3rd party tags Available Creative Upload allowed URL Adunit Full Page Channel / Category RON Placement Type Android City Targeting Available Keyword Targeting Available Behaviour Targeting Available Language Targeting Available ISP / Carrier Targeting Available Package cost  $ 40 Effective CPM  $ 2.00 Estimated Delivery time 1 Day