iPad Mobile Traffic – Buying iPad Traffic

iPad Global Inventory starts @ $2 cpm 50k+ unique global visitors daily. With the increasing number of iPad users, the online businesses need to buy this traffic as well to bring in more people to their website and promote it better. They can thus benefit by buying iPad traffic. As the name suggests, iPad traffic is traffic that is directed at the iPad users. Many people access internet through their tablet and the online businesses can use advertisement to bring this traffic at their own website. When you buy iPad traffic then the website is promoted through iPad application and […]

Industry trend and demand shift towards mobile ads

Global Audience starting $1 cpm Global Mobile Banner Clicks $0.20 per click   In the present times, the number of mobile internet users and tablet users has increased. People can access internet easily through their smart phones any time. It is not only used for internet browsing but for various other applications as well.  The advertisers can thus use mobile ads and reach out to the target consumers through these applications. With the popularity and success of mobile advertising, the demand for mobile ads has increased. The advertisers find it more beneficial to buy mobile traffic as it helps them […]

iOS or Android, which is more popular among people in US ?

Nowadays, everyone uses a smart phone or an android phone in USA. It is very useful as it helps you to stay connected with your friend and family and gives you access to the internet from anywhere. The debate is which is more popular- iOS or the Android? The fact is that both iOS and android phones are equally popular with the users. So if you are planning to direct your ad campaign at mobile users then instead of focusing on just one group, you should plan a campaign that is directed at both these groups. This helps you to […]

Gambling Mobile Traffic

Gambling Mobile Visitors = $0.005 per visitor Gambling Mobile Banner Clicks: $0.20 per click Buy gambling mobile traffic for your gambling or casino based website as that helps in promoting your business better. Traffic refers to the visitors at a website. Gambling mobile traffic thus refers to the visitors who are interested in gambling websites and visit your website through mobile ads. You can promote your gambling website better when you direct the ads to such traffic. It is an effective way to inform the target consumers about your website and you can look forward to more consumers and business. […]

Adult tube website Promotions

Adult Tube Inventory Starting just $2 CPM only. Bring in more adult traffic at your adult website by buying the right traffic package for your ad campaign. For adult tube website promotions, you need to ensure that the ad campaign is directed at the people who visit such websites. This is because if you advertise the website to them then the chances of their visiting your website is much higher. For adult website promotion you can contact us and we can help you with it. We sell different types of traffic packages to our clients and help them with the […]